Benefits of Barcode Floor-Tag®

barcode_Pic2.jpgFloor-tag® is Durable, Easy to Apply and more Cost Effective than other Solutions.

The barcoded floor-tag is a product that we have developed following feedback from the Logistics Link Show and are extremely durable, truck and abrasion resistant. They are ideal for easy identification of your stock / pallet movements in your warehouses / DC’s, particularly in mass storage areas and locations where height is limited. 

This is a unique product that eliminates the need to encase or screw into concrete floors. The resin protects barcode from damage caused by power washing, detergents, chemicals, solvents, grease and spillages. Additional technical information is shown below and illustrates the robustness of our resin products.

Floors should be thoroughly cleaned and dust free in order to maximise adhesion, ideally using a powerwash / isopropanol wipe.

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