p-1-r.jpgLatest Floor-tag® innovation by Torchwood

With our latest innovation in floor-tags there's no need to build Floor-tag® into the floor, no expensive specialist team excavating or disruption to your warehouse and no need to wait for epoxy resins to dry or encase or screw into floors. Just locate, clean, stick and you're ready to go.

Why use Floor-tag®?
  • Reliable and long lasting tag in warehouses within difficult conditions
  • Easy identification of your stock / pallet movements in your warehouses / DC’s
  • Extremely durable and truck and abrasion resistant
  • Resistant in industrial environment
  • Excellent resolution, branded tag options available
  • Bespoke tags for floors: concrete, can also be used on walls, beams, pillars, rackings, resin and tiled floors
Floor-tag® eliminates the need to encase or screw into concrete floors. These floor labels ideal for easy identification of your stock or pallet movements in warehouses or DC's. Any size floor labels are available, branded for your needs and the RFID can be encapsulated within the floor label if required. Our customers include major supermarkets, logistics and warehouses, facilities management, distribution centres and automotive. Up to 10 year exterior grade.
Floor-tag is Durable, Easy to Apply and more Cost Effective than other Solutions


Delighted with Floor Tags you so kindly provided and which are installed on the floor in our warehouse showroom. The floor labels are generating a lot of interest and I am sure it will translate into successful business in the years ahead.

We have often been challenged with recommending robust and affordable Location Identifiers for yards, receipt and dispatch areas, as well as block stack areas.

David Gray
Proteus Software Limited

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